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Posted: August 11, 2016
Pokemon Lure Drop Party at the Ayala Malls

Join the Pokemon Lure Drop Party at the Ayala Malls.

August 12 - 14, 2016 11AM-2PM and 4PM-7PM


Glorietta: Gerapata Man Graffiti, Dolphin Statues, Neon Guitar, Big Green Bear, Red Bull, Glorietta Fish, Optimus Prime Portal, Homage to Forms and Pianted Piano.

Greenbelt: Horse Statue, Beer Wall Mural at Draft, Chapel Bell of Hope, Fish Pond, Stage by the Pond, Double Reclining Form by Arturo Luz, Ayala Museum Fishes and the Alligator statue.

Alabang Town Center: Chillis and Nanbantei as Pokegym and Seating Bench, Buddha Statue, Carousel, ATC Cinemas, Circular Stone, Paintings at Cafe Mediterranean, Station of the Cross Park and the Alabang Town Center entrance sign.

Market! Market!: Giraffe 2 Topiary (Central Plaza), Goodah!!! Wall Art (Fiesta Market! Extension), Market! Market! South Terminal, BGC Central Terminal, Butterfly Mural South (5/F Hallway near Telus), Geisha (2/F inside Tokyo-Tokyo), Dinosaur Topiary (Playzone side topiary), Enchantress and Flower (4/F restroom hallway), Market! Market! UV Van and Jeepney Terminal, Pteranodon Topiary (Central Plaza).

TriNoma: MRT North Avenue Station, Trinoma Facade, Giant Koala, Cafe Breton, Starbucks Fountain, Transport Terminal, Rooftop Garden, Trinoma Fountain Jets, Landmark, Chinese Trees Art Display and Staircase Waterfall.

Marquee Mall: Marquee Park Fountain, Marquee Mall Transport Terminal, and the Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Fairvew Terraces: Central Garden, Central Garden Mango Tree, Central Garden near CBTL, and Central Garden in between Manam and Caramia. Meanwhile the On App includes the Project Pie Graffiti Wall, Black Kneeling Sculptural Horse, Galloping Sculptural Pony and the Fairview Terraces Stage Fountain.

Ayala Malls

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